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Energy efficiency and style

If you are looking for a stylish energy efficient blind to help keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and save you money on energy costs, then the Cosiflor® honeycomb blind is a great solution.

The Honeycomb thermal is a twin-layered blind, insulating your home against harsh seasonal elements. The cellular construction of the blind creates air pockets which function superbly to help keep your home cool in the summer and reduce heat loss in the winter.



The cords are hidden by cleverly running them through the honeycomb. Blackout fabrics, in particular, benefit from this. The Cosiflor® honeycomb blinds are made with the finest European fabrics and are available in a large range of colours and designs.  The asymmetrical design of these blinds ensures that the pleats hold their shape, keeping them looking good.


Flexible installation options

There are a variety of installation options available, including the very popular and unobtrusive location in the window beading.

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Cosiflor® honeycomb blind –  low Fc value, high savings

A window with normal glazing (double glazing as per DIN 4108 / EN 133363-1, U= 1.6) and without shades lets some 72% of solar heat into the room. The Cosiflor® honeycomb blind reduces heat penetration considerably. This can be reduced by up to 22% as less solar radiation enters the room. The Fc value describes the shading factor provided by a sun shade system. This number will give you the best energy savings by reading off this value.

The following applies in summer:  The lower the Fc value, the greate the shading provided from solar radiation by Cosiflor® honeycomb blind.

The following applies in winter:  The lower the Fc value, the less the thermal loss through the window when Cosiflor® honeycomb blind is installed.

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